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Pastor Thomas’s Vision

6 thoughts on “Pastor Thomas’s Vision”

  1. Paige Brown says:

    If this all comes together it would be nice to have some besutiful throw blankets I saw at Costco 2 for 12.99. So soft and warm . Maybe Costco would donate some. I am praying that this new venture will come to frutation.

    • Alessandra Toscanelli says:

      Thank you for the comment & suggestion. We will be looking at putting together a list of items for the house soon. We appreciate your prayers. God bless.

  2. If this all comes together…How many homeless people will e able to stay in the house? This is a great start . How big of an impact will it make?
    Thank you

    • Alessandra Toscanelli says:

      Thank you for the comment. The house has been rezoned/approved for up to 16 people for a minimum of 30 days & up to a period of 90 days.

  3. D Ramussen says:

    Will the house have supervision and/or a live in staff/volunteers?

    • Alessandra Toscanelli says:

      Thank you for your question. Yes, the house will have onsite (live-in) supervision with volunteers from the community to assist in a wide variety of areas.

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