A multitude of services will be available to all residents of Big Momma’s House. Our residents will be expected to attend classes each week inclusive of these services. Some services will be offered as on-site opportunities and others will be off-site within the community. Transportation will be provided to any off-site services, as needed.

• Doctor Appointments
• Vision/Hearing
• Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy
Behavioral Health
• Anger Management
• Domestic Abuse
• Alcohol/Drug Abuse
• Marital Counseling
Social Services Assistance
• Food Stamps
• Self-Help courses
• Activities of Daily Living
• Self-Empowerment
• Self-Improvement
• Employment
• Budgeting
• Career/Class Management
• Parenting
• Computer Usage
• Others as Needed
• Alternative Housing Assistance

Our off-site community services will be provided by: Idaho State University, Portneuf Medical Facilities, Behavioral Health Center, Hope and Recovery Resource Center, Speech Therapy Services, Department of Health and Welfare, South Central District Health, and Bingham Memorial Hospital.